Frequently Asked Questions

  • • Who can operate a testing laboratory?

    For one year following the date on which the Department of Commerce begins accepting applications, licenses issued to conduct laboratory testing of medical marijuana will only be granted to institutions of higher education that are public, located within the state of Ohio, and have the resources and facilities necessary to conduct testing in accordance with the rules. After this one-year period, the Department will issue licenses to qualified private testing labs.

  • What is the cost of obtaining a testing laboratory license?

    The laboratory application fee is $2,000 and the certificate of operation fee is $18,000; a laboratory annual license renewal fee is $20,000.

  • How many testing laboratories will be licensed by the Department of Commerce?

    There is no limit to the number of testing laboratory licenses that may be awarded by the Department.


Please note: The dates listed in this section reflect those specified in the law and are for informational purposes only. Rule adoption and program implementation may occur earlier than the dates specified.

Effective date of Ohio House Bill 523. HB 523 establishes the basic framework for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program.


Testing Laboratory Rules Adopted. Ohio law requires the Ohio Department of Commerce to adopt testing laboratory rules by this date.


Ohio law requires the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program to be fully operational by this date.